I chose Washington D.C.’s &pizza for my very first pizza blog post. I already love the D.C. area, so finding a gem in the city was only appropriate. Located on E Street, it’s perfectly tucked in between a Mexican restaurant and the Washington Welcome Center. The restaurant mimics a small coffee shop, with bench style tables in the center as well as coupled window seats. The service is similar to a Subway, where you stand in line and pick what you want on your pizza, and they build it right in front of you.

I opted for a pizza with traditional dough, traditional tomato sauce, spinach, pineapple, and chicken. I shared my pizza with my mother (although I very well could have eaten it all myself) and she asked for banana pepper and red pepper flakes on her half. The pizza is served flatbread style on black rectangular shaped trays with curved ends. Now bear with me, I’m very new to the area of reviewing food and all its intricacies. The pizza was fantastic; the shape of the pizza allowed for perfect bite-size slices and the dough made for a very thin, light and fluffy crust, which then allowed the toppings to really be the star. I was really surprised to discover they use real pineapples, which I could tell from the tingling feeling on my lips produced by the pineapple’s acidity. Admittedly I went safe with a combination I know I like. Next time I would want to taste one of their Hits, the Maverick in particular.

On an added note, the ginger berry drink choice is to die for! All in all, I would give it ten out of ten if you’re in the busy city and wanting a quick, tasty pizza that’s not too filling.

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