Blaze Pizza

A few days before the new year, a friend of mine took me to a hip pizza place I had never heard of. Blaze Pizza, located in Decatur, Georgia, is a trendy build-your-own pizza spot. Sitting in the middle of a dull shopping center, the gray and black exterior of the restaurant flaunts a modern and sleek establishment, while the bursts of vibrant color inside and bold words stamped on the walls generate a trendy atmosphere.

It was the first time eating at the establishment for both of us, and feeling slightly overwhelmed by the amount of choices for toppings, we choose to create a half-and-half pizza. My friend asked for the specialty the Green Stripe on his side while I picked out the ingredients I wanted on my side. I went with red sauce, mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken, applewood bacon, and spinach. We decided on a thin crust, going for more of a quick bite meal rather than a filling dinner. Despite this, on my half the meats were plentiful, making my four slices pizza filling.

We were both very content with our order, with plans to return to the restaurant to work our way through the other specialty pizzas. I’d really like to taste their spicy red sauce and their garlic cream sauce, as well as their Red Vine and Link In specialty pizzas.

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