Chevy’s Pizza

Yesterday I had the pleasure of eating at a favorited small, middle Georgia pizza establishment called Chevy’s Pizza. Located in the city of Gray, Chevy’s Pizza offers stone baked, hand tossed pizza along with pastas, calzones, wings, subs, and more. Before going to Chevy’s, I’d already heard good things from people I’d spoken to in the area. The restaurant definitely met my expectations.

The restaurant itself is a sit-down with an eclectic ranch style, with large wood paneling and an assortment of ranch decorations. The movie Ratatouille played on the TV and soft country music played from the speakers in the background. The menu is straightforward, a laminated one page sheet showing everything available. While my two friends ordered calzones (the Buffalo Chicken Ranch and the Margherita), I ordered the Mighty Meat pizza with a pineapple addition in the 8’’ size. For a six slice personal pan, the pizza was as filling as a larger size. The meats – which included pepperoni, ham, sausage, beef, and bacon – were piled on top of the thick and doughy crust. The stretchy cheese, dough, and meats mixed superbly, each bite loaded with not only flavor but sustenance. My friend tasted a slice and proudly proclaimed that the bacon was the star. It took some real self-control to not eat all six slices and to save some for the next day.

I would gladly go back to Chevy’s, in fact I wanted to order another pizza in the same sitting. I would be torn between ordering a different pizza, possibly in a different size, and ordering one of their calzones. I wish I had been able to get a better sense of their atmosphere – watching other patrons and interactions with the waitresses – but we arrived within the last hour before closing. If you live in or around Gray, or just find yourself traveling through the area, I recommend stopping at Chevy’s.

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