The Healthiness of Pizza


Scrolling through the statuses, photos, and memes of Facebook, I came across an article that caught my attention. “Is a slice of pizza for breakfast healthier than a bowl of cereal?” Immediately I clicked on the article because I, along with so many others, am very guilty of stuffing my face with a slice or two of cold pizza for breakfast. The possibility that I could actually be helping my body was too good to pass up.

Of course the answer to the the question of whether a slice of pizza or a bowl of cereal is healthier is it depends. While a slice of pizza more than likely has less sugar than popular cereals (12.8 grams in Honey Nut Cheerios!), there are still cereals carrying lower amounts of sugar. Additionally the type of pizza, including toppings and type of cheese, affects the ‘healthiness’ of having it for breakfast, especially over a bowl of cereal.

Researching a little more on pizza and its healthiness, I found an article “Is pizza healthy?” from CNN published in May 2017. Ultimately, as much as most of us want (and possibly have made) pizza to be a staple part of our diet, the healthiness of pizza varies significantly. Both the tomato sauce and cheese deliver a decent amount of sodium, and you haven’t even added toppings yet.

Pizza isn’t all bad of course! Cheese provides calcium, tomatoes provide disease-fighting lycopene, and whole-wheat flour offers whole grain and fiber. Also, you can always top your pizza with veggies.

Now this post is in no way a declaration against pizza, in fact I say keep eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Live your life, and if your life (like mine) includes a pizza at least once a week, enjoy it. And if you want to equal out the calorie intake from a few three of four slices of pizza goodness, try a fun workout or eat healthier the other days of the week.

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