Today I had the absolute pleasure of going to one of Atlanta’s well known pizza restaurants, Fellini’s. Arriving at the Decatur location thirty minutes after open, I was already pleased with what I saw. The restaurant has an open floor plan with big windows that let in lots of sunlight.

I went with a friend, and she was excited for me since Fellini’s is her favorite spot. While she ordered two pepperoni slices, I attempted to mix things up a little with my slice. I started with ham, then asked for onion, then topped it off with spinach. If I had known just how big the slices were, as well as how plentiful the toppings were, I might have gone for a different combination.

One slice was as long as two of my hands. Instead of baking the toppings into the pizza, the toppings are baked right on top, all atop a deliciously crunchy crust. As I said, the toppings were plentiful- I had to take some of the spinach and onions off for the sake of my breath. If you ask me, Fellini’s is a fantastic pizza spot, not only for the food but to hang out with friends. I’m so happy my friend gave me the opportunity to taste it.

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