Food is Art

Earlier today I responded to a question asked by another blog on Twitter.

Question: How do you think food should be portrayed on Instagram?

My response: Food should be portrayed on Instagram as just a part of life, something we all need to survive, and thus something we can celebrate. I think putting pictures of food on Instagram gives it a new light as art.

After coming across an article on a pizza exhibition in Germany, my own response really got me thinking. Food is art. All the lines and colors, the layering and technique of it; it’s an art form, both the creating and the final product. And pizza is included. It’s not just me who’s in love with the dough and the sauce and the cheese. The exhibit in Germany is named “Pizza is God,” where artists from around the room display their pieces honoring the timeless delicacy. It’s incredible how these artists can take something we use for one purpose – to eat – and reconstruct it in new ways that give us art.

The very last photo is an installation by the art collective PCNC_BAY x BLUNT x SKENSVED, where visitors can experience what it’s like to be inside an oven by sitting on a fabric pizza in a dim red light lit room. The idea is for visitors to sit around and debate, a metaphorical art piece of how heated debates can get.

I’m so happy to live in a society where something as simple as food can be revered and reimagined. Food is art, and pizza is beautiful.

“‘Pizza is God’: Exhibition recognizes artistic value of the beloved dish”

The twitter account that sparked such a stimulating conversation is F.B.L Bloggers. Follow them @fashbeautylife or check out their website F.B.L Bloggers

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