Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project

Pizza Hut has been around for about 59 years serving up pizzas and smiles. Presently, they’re adding something new to their menu- books. Currently about 25 million children in the United States cannot read proficiently. This, and the overall importance of literacy, has led Pizza Hut to start a new program that will provide children with access to both books and educational resources.

Supporters can donate to The Literacy Project when they place orders from Pizza Hut or by visiting the campaign’s website at Funds will be credited to educators to be used for purchase of books and other materials for schools and programs near each Pizza Hut location. The campaign will run from February 26th to April 15th, and in that time Pizza Hut and partner First Book plan to change the lives of 100 million people in just 10 years.

This campaign makes me so excited and I wish them all the best! Reading is so important, and as someone who has spent many long hours either in the library or curled up in a book at home, it brings joy to my heart to see pizza partnered with literacy.

“Pizza Hut ‘Starts A New Chapter’ To Help All Kids Succeed Through Reading, Takes Further Action To Support Literacy Through Annual Giving Program”

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