Empowering Women with Pizza

It’s the first day of Women’s History Month! How else can I celebrate such an empowering month than with dropping some goods about some notable women and how they’re making a difference. And of course, it has to do with pizza.

In Italy, from Naples to Verona, women are throwing a string of charity pizza dinners. All the proceeds from these dinners go to P.E.T.R.A, a Verona-based anti-violence center that provides both shelter and resources to abused women and children of all ages and nationalities.

The campaign is mainly led by eight female pizza chefs, who despite their struggles in a male-dominated industry, are now among Italy’s highest achieving pizza chefs. These chefs want to bring awareness to not only gender inequality, but also domestic violence.

Claudia Tosello is one of the eight pizzaiole, and although she is doing great things at Pizzeria Arcobaleno, she believes there is a disproportion of women to men who train to be pizza makers, about five for every 50 men. Figures like that fuel the desires of Tosello and the other chefs to provide more benefits for women in less fortunate situations.

Petra Antolini of Settimo Cielo, another of the eight pizzaiole, has spoken about how women pizzaioli have to work more than double to get the same recognition as their male counterparts. She wants to stress the importance of empowering women, not just in pizza-making but in all professions across Italy. With more gender equality comes more courage and the feeling of support for women, and that would impact how women report and stand up to injustices against them, especially violence.

Although this is happening in Italy, their cause is relevant all across the world. These women, just as many have done before them, are standing up for women’s rights and making a difference one pizza at a time. If you happen to find yourself in Italy, the first dinner is on March 18th at Settimo Cielo in Verona.

“Meet the Italian women using pizza to fight inequality and abuse”

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