Vinny’s N.Y. Pizza and Grill


Yesterday I was doing some photography in Atlanta, and since the city is my favorite place for pizza, I decided to find a new pizza place to try. Wanting just a slice, I came across Vinny’s N.Y. Pizza and Grill in Piedmont.

In my opinion, Vinny’s is an interesting one. It’s located in a shopping center, and the feel inside is something between a modern and old school pizza place. They’re big on booth seating. The pizza itself is also interesting. The slices are long, maybe a hand and a half length, very similar to that of Fellini’s. My friend and I both ordered two slices each. Mine were a slice of The Works – minus mushrooms – and a slice of bacon. My friend ordered a slice of bacon and a slice of ham and pineapple. For someone looking for a hearty pizza, The Works is for them. The ingredients are stacked on; I was pretty full after just that slice, and I had to put some of the toppings to the side! And for the bacon slice, you will surely receive bacon bits in every bite. After eating both slices, I definitely felt full for at least an hour.


Vinny’s is a cool quick place to pop in either by yourself, with friends, or with family! I’d recommend trying it at least once if you’re in the Piedmont area, or one of their other locations.

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