Food is Art

Earlier today I responded to a question asked by another blog on Twitter.

Question: How do you think food should be portrayed on Instagram?

My response: Food should be portrayed on Instagram as just a part of life, something we all need to survive, and thus something we can celebrate. I think putting pictures of food on Instagram gives it a new light as art.

After coming across an article on a pizza exhibition in Germany, my own response really got me thinking. Food is art. All the lines and colors, the layering and technique of it; it’s an art form, both the creating and the final product. And pizza is included. It’s not just me who’s in love with the dough and the sauce and the cheese. The exhibit in Germany is named “Pizza is God,” where artists from around the room display their pieces honoring the timeless delicacy. It’s incredible how these artists can take something we use for one purpose – to eat – and reconstruct it in new ways that give us art.

The very last photo is an installation by the art collective PCNC_BAY x BLUNT x SKENSVED, where visitors can experience what it’s like to be inside an oven by sitting on a fabric pizza in a dim red light lit room. The idea is for visitors to sit around and debate, a metaphorical art piece of how heated debates can get.

I’m so happy to live in a society where something as simple as food can be revered and reimagined. Food is art, and pizza is beautiful.

“‘Pizza is God’: Exhibition recognizes artistic value of the beloved dish”

The twitter account that sparked such a stimulating conversation is F.B.L Bloggers. Follow them @fashbeautylife or check out their website F.B.L Bloggers

National Drink Wine Day

It’s National Drink Wine Day, and what a perfect Sunday it is to sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine. Sure, wine can be elegantly paired with a nice fish or chicken dish, maybe even a plate of pasta, but it can also go quite smoothly with pizza.

These articles below offer some great suggestions on which wines to drink with which type of pizza. Personally I love a cheese or a Hawaiian pizza, so a GSM, Zinfandel, or Riesling would be best for me. If you were thinking of getting a pizza today, but you also wanted to celebrate National Drink Wine Day, check out what pairing is best for you!

“It’s All About the Sauce: Pairing Wine with Pizza”

“Great Wines for Pizza Night”

“The 6 Best Styles of Wine to Drink with Pizza”

MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of the Atlanta location of MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company. Finding out about the opening through Facebook, I had been counting down the days until the eatery opened its doors in the heart of the city. The pizza was most definitely well worth the wait.

The pizza itself is something to rave about, but I first want to start with the atmosphere of the restaurant. It is beautiful; architecturally constructed with a contemporary style that invites customers in. It almost has the same vibe as a coffee shop, despite the excitement of the chefs and other customers waiting to be served. The low lighting lets the natural light coming through the windows bright up the room, bringing attention to the restaurant’s main attraction. Customers can watch the entire pizza making process as they stand in line to order. At MidiCi the ‘kitchen’ is behind a circular counter and out in the open for all to watch the rolling and decorating of dough as well as the cooking. Yes, I was there on the grand opening and there was already a lot of excitement, but I think being able to watch the process of other pizzas being made before even ordering my own adds to the excitement of the entire dining experience.

Now lets get to the pizza. Customers received a free margherita pizza as part of the grand opening, but I ordered a Hawaiian (Tropicale) in addition to that. The pizza is incredibly light, the underside of it just slightly crunchy, and the crust is as fluffy as a pillow. Each ingredient can be tasted in every bite, but in an Italian-savory blend. I was surprised to see that MidiCi includes onions on their Hawaiian, but it is definitely a nice touch of extra flavor. MidiCi also offers spices and oils to put on their food, which my friend picked up for her pizza. She picked up oregano, Parmesan, red chili flakes, and an oil she didn’t know the name of. We both agreed we’d like to return to MidiCi to taste their other pizzas, and additionally to get an idea what the eatery is like in a quieter hour. In my opinion, MidiCi’s grand opening was a success and I wish them great success in their new location.

Photo Feb 15, 5 44 14 PM


Gluten-Free 100%

In today’s society, a lot of people are opting for gluten free diets, whether its by choice or for health reasons. But it’s not that easy for a restaurant to be 100% gluten free. Randy’s Premier Pizza in Oakdale, Minnesota has accepted the challenge however, and is changing their establishment to 100 percent gluten-free.

Randy Hueffmeier, owner, deals with gluten sensitivities as well as wheat allergies, so about four years ago the eatery began offering gluten-free options. Now, after 32 years, the entire menu will be gluten-free. Once the transition is complete, Randy’s Premier Pizza will be one of the first 100 percent gluten-free pizzerias in the United States.

The plan is to close February 26th and reopen in early-to-mid March. And just because the eatery is becoming 100 percent gluten-free, staples of the restaurant aren’t going away. Their pizza challenge (4 people, 30 minutes, 30-inch pizza) will continue. The Minnesota-style, square-cut pizzas topped heavy with meat and cheese will prevail. And on Valentine’s Day, they’ll still serve heart-shaped pizzas.

“Randy’s Premier Pizza in Oakdale going 100 percent gluten-free”

Even Pizza Gets Fancy

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and usually people like to celebrate with luxury chocolates, expensive eateries, and fancy gifts. I am the kind of person where I am satisfied with someone showing their love and appreciation for me by simply buying me (you guessed it) a pizza. But pizza can be made fancy, as I’ve recently found out. Until today I thought the most festive pizza places got for Valentine’s Day was to create heart shaped pizzas.

Firenza Pizza in Charlotte, North Carolina is serving a 10-inch pizza for Valentine’s Day for $500. Named the Golden Surf and Turf, the pizza is sprinkled with gold, along with its main toppings which include lobster bisque, lobster, filet medallions, and caviar. You even have to make a reservation 48 hours in advance just to order this pizza.

Another pizza restaurant, Gusto Pizza Co. in Des Moines, Iowa, is also offering a Valentine’s Day special. For $5000, you can order a pizza with your choice of toppings and also get a two-carat pair of Herman’s Fine Jewelry diamond earrings. Now $5000 seems like a lot, but all proceeds from these pizza sales will be donated to Variety, the Children’s Charity. In addition to that, all Gusto locations are donating one dollar to Variety for every pizza sold on February 14th.

Am I at a point in my life where I want to spend that much on a pizza? Not quite yet. But if someone is looking to put that kind of money down for this food blogger, I would certainly not refuse.


“Valentine’s special at one Charlotte restaurant is a $500 pizza with gold topping”

“Gusto Offering $5,000 Valentine’s Day Pizza – With Sparkle on the Side”

Firenza Pizza

Gusto Pizza Co.

Variety, the Children’s Charity