Manhattan Pizza Exchange

Hey all you pizza lovers! I know it’s been a while since I’ve put out a blog post. But I promise you, Manhattan Pizza Exchange is worth a break from my hiatus. Located in Norcross, Georgia, Manhattan Pizza Exchange just had their grand opening. Sadly, I couldn’t attend the main festivities during the day. I had to swoop in close to 8pm, an hour before close. While the festivities were over, their pizza was still hot!

Manhattan Pizza Exchange markets itself as a New York style pizzeria (obviously), and I would say I really felt those vibes from the inside. I didn’t feel like I was just in Norcross anymore, but maybe an actual pizza parlor in New York. They have a sizable menu; in addition to pizza you can get salad, sandwiches, and pasta. My friend and I, of course, stuck to pizza. However, my friend did order garlic rolls as an appetizer and he thought they were absolutely scrumptious.

We ordered two different pizzas, my friend ordering a White while I got the Wall Street. I was in love with my pizza; they had all the meats on there, but yet the flavor of the pizza didn’t get lost. The sauce was delicious, and just enough- not too little, and not too much where the cheese and toppings were sliding off. I tasted the White pizza, and if you’re into a lot of cheese, that pizza is for you. Neither of us managed to finish our entire pizzas by the time of close, and we both ended up taking them home. Honestly I’m looking forward to finishing the rest today.

If you find yourself in Norcross, you need to stop in Manhattan Pizza Exchange!

Vinny’s N.Y. Pizza and Grill

Yesterday I was doing some photography in Atlanta, and since the city is my favorite place for pizza, I decided to find a new pizza place to try. Wanting just a slice, I came across Vinny’s N.Y. Pizza and Grill in Piedmont.

In my opinion, Vinny’s is an interesting one. It’s located in a shopping center, and the feel inside is something between a modern and old school pizza place. They’re big on booth seating. The pizza itself is also interesting. The slices are long, maybe a hand and a half length, very similar to that of Fellini’s. My friend and I both ordered two slices each. Mine were a slice of The Works – minus mushrooms – and a slice of bacon. My friend ordered a slice of bacon and a slice of ham and pineapple. For someone looking for a hearty pizza, The Works is for them. The ingredients are stacked on; I was pretty full after just that slice, and I had to put some of the toppings to the side! And for the bacon slice, you will surely receive bacon bits in every bite. After eating both slices, I definitely felt full for at least an hour.


Vinny’s is a cool quick place to pop in either by yourself, with friends, or with family! I’d recommend trying it at least once if you’re in the Piedmont area, or one of their other locations.

MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of the Atlanta location of MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company. Finding out about the opening through Facebook, I had been counting down the days until the eatery opened its doors in the heart of the city. The pizza was most definitely well worth the wait.

The pizza itself is something to rave about, but I first want to start with the atmosphere of the restaurant. It is beautiful; architecturally constructed with a contemporary style that invites customers in. It almost has the same vibe as a coffee shop, despite the excitement of the chefs and other customers waiting to be served. The low lighting lets the natural light coming through the windows bright up the room, bringing attention to the restaurant’s main attraction. Customers can watch the entire pizza making process as they stand in line to order. At MidiCi the ‘kitchen’ is behind a circular counter and out in the open for all to watch the rolling and decorating of dough as well as the cooking. Yes, I was there on the grand opening and there was already a lot of excitement, but I think being able to watch the process of other pizzas being made before even ordering my own adds to the excitement of the entire dining experience.

Now lets get to the pizza. Customers received a free margherita pizza as part of the grand opening, but I ordered a Hawaiian (Tropicale) in addition to that. The pizza is incredibly light, the underside of it just slightly crunchy, and the crust is as fluffy as a pillow. Each ingredient can be tasted in every bite, but in an Italian-savory blend. I was surprised to see that MidiCi includes onions on their Hawaiian, but it is definitely a nice touch of extra flavor. MidiCi also offers spices and oils to put on their food, which my friend picked up for her pizza. She picked up oregano, Parmesan, red chili flakes, and an oil she didn’t know the name of. We both agreed we’d like to return to MidiCi to taste their other pizzas, and additionally to get an idea what the eatery is like in a quieter hour. In my opinion, MidiCi’s grand opening was a success and I wish them great success in their new location.

Photo Feb 15, 5 44 14 PM



Today I had the absolute pleasure of going to one of Atlanta’s well known pizza restaurants, Fellini’s. Arriving at the Decatur location thirty minutes after open, I was already pleased with what I saw. The restaurant has an open floor plan with big windows that let in lots of sunlight.

I went with a friend, and she was excited for me since Fellini’s is her favorite spot. While she ordered two pepperoni slices, I attempted to mix things up a little with my slice. I started with ham, then asked for onion, then topped it off with spinach. If I had known just how big the slices were, as well as how plentiful the toppings were, I might have gone for a different combination.

One slice was as long as two of my hands. Instead of baking the toppings into the pizza, the toppings are baked right on top, all atop a deliciously crunchy crust. As I said, the toppings were plentiful- I had to take some of the spinach and onions off for the sake of my breath. If you ask me, Fellini’s is a fantastic pizza spot, not only for the food but to hang out with friends. I’m so happy my friend gave me the opportunity to taste it.